who we are

CAMP ERUTAN’s mission is to give children in, and who have been in foster care, a chance to enhance their lives.

Since 1987 CAMP ERUTAN has been on the forefront of reuniting siblings who have been split up in the foster care system by giving them a week to be together. We have created a safe haven (on the central coast in California, in East Hampton, New York and in Hanalei, Hawaii) where these children can live harmoniously in a natural, encouraging and loving environment with their brothers and sisters.

One week is not enough. We want to give these kids an opportunity to change their lives. We are available to them throughout the year to lend an ear or a hand. In the longer term, we believe some solutions are providing the tools, care and resources they need to create lives that break the cycle of abuse and neglect. We believe ERUTAN Communities and ERUTAN Parent Centers will be part of that solution.